VTU supporting „Médecins Sans Frontières“

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All human beings have a right for help when they find themselves in a live threatening situation.15.12.2016
Following this principle „Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors without Borders“ are providing help since more than 40 years in regions where medical care has totally collapsed: at war zones, at epidemics or at natural catastrophes.

This year the VTU Group donated a sum of € 10.000 to „Médecins Sans Frontières“ and is waiving the distributions of holiday gifts to customers and business partners instead.


Regardless of political and military impact „Médecins Sans Frontières“ are performing professional medial care to all people in need and furthermore they’re arranging the reconstruction of destroyed infrastructure in those disaster areas. VTU would like to support the valuable action of the emergency-aid-organization and furthermore enable them to obtain continuing neutral and impartial work.


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