Digitization of Process Plants

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New at VTU Engineering: MES & big data analytics31.01.2019

VTU Engineering offers solutions in the Industry 4.0 sector for process plants. An in-house team made up of ten experts in Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and big data analytics is available for this very purpose.

Processes are automated and optimized using the latest methods and technologies:

  • Requirements engineering
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
  • I4.0 big data: big data analytics and machine learning
  • Material flow and traceability systems
  • Data analysis, optimization and reporting (energy, production, quality)
  • Data management

A production operation can be made fit for Industry 4.0 by using MES to implement a complete traceability solution or big data analytics to optimize processes and carry out preventive maintenance.
VTU integrates its solutions into process control systems. In doing so, the operator is proactively informed in real time about the status, quality, performance and energy efficiency of their production facilities.

Digitalization, MES & big data analytics


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Digitization of Process Plants

New at VTU Engineering: MES & big data analytics


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