Modern project management through software-supported systems

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The present requirements for investment projects in the process industry - especially in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry - demand innovative and suitably adjusted processing models.04.08.2017
This is only possible with optimally interlocked software-supported systems. These do not replace the essential influence factor - people - but enable him to react quickly to new or changed requirements in order to reach the necessary goals.

As the backbone for such a system, VTU Engineering is developing proprietary project management software in order to optimise and standardise the processes in project management. The ”Project Control Tool” (PCT) will unite international PM-standards of the IPMA and the PMI with company and customer standards and offer a fully integrated platform. The new software connects directly to VTU's ERP-system and allows the incorporation of external software products, like MS Project and MS Excel. With this, the project manager can plan, monitor and control the entire project cycle from one single cockpit. Thanks to this harmonised solution, everyone involved in the project has a glimpse into the project status at any time and a fully transparent project realisation can be guaranteed.

PCT completes the toolbox for an optimized project settlement. Modern engineering tools and REXS as basis for risk management and traceability in the GMP area form together with PCT an object-oriented global solution that is structured and made available by an adaptive document management (see figure).


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