Whitepaper: Cleaning and treatment of industrial waste water

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The cleaning and treatment of industrial waste water is a wide ranging topic.13.12.2017
Depending on the sector, company philosophy, location and the economic framework conditions, various requirements must be prioritised for cost reduction, material flow recycling or regulatory requirements. The selection of one or usually several treatment processes is subject to many influencing factors, which influence the specified goals. This primarily applies to the waste water of the pharmaceutical industry, which is polluted with highly effective substances.

Dr. Dieter Woisetschläger from VTU Engineering wrote a white paper for the online platform of the renowned specialist magazine PROCESS. In this, he presents a systematic process regarding how specific industrial waste water solutions and concepts are developed, which best correspond to the relevant customer requirements.

In the white paper, the expert in water treatment shows how a decision for or against a waste water treatment can be made using technical/operative/economic parameters. Furthermore, he describes a risk assessment of critical waste water contents, and introduces the possibilities of electrochemical waste water treatment with diamond electrodes for waste water containing salt, and pharmaceutical waste water.

You can find the whole white paper under the following link:

To download the PDF, you must be logged into PROCESS. Registration is free of charge.


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