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For more than 40 years, Doctors Without Borders has been providing medical assistance in countries where people's survival is threatened by conflicts, epidemics or natural disasters.17.12.2019
The international organisation provides basic medical care and emergency surgical aid, fights epidemics, runs vaccination campaigns, operates nutrition centres, concentrates on mother-child care, offers psychological help or trains local staff. Doctors Without Borders also provides clean drinking water, housing, general relief supplies and food when people need it to survive.

This year, VTU Group has donated an amount of 20.000 euros to Doctors without Borders and has instead waived Christmas presents for customers and partners.

We would like to support the valuable work of Doctors Without Borders and help to ensure that the organisation can continue to provide professional medical aid for people in need, regardless of political and military influences.


This is the effect of our donation:

  • 501 euros will make it possible to supply 910 people with the most important medicines.
  • 1.414 euros will finance a 5.000-litre water tank to transport and distribute drinking water.
  • With 986 Euro, 5.800 children suffering from malaria are treated with an effective combination medicine.
  • 2.300 euros enable 230 pregnant women to give birth safely accompanied by midwives.
  • 5.360 euros will enable the treatment of 150 emergency patients and finance surgical instruments, bandages and medication.



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