Safety Commitment

For VTU, safety at work is not just a formal obligation, but part of our corporate culture.

Creating a safer working environment for our employees, our external project partners and our customers is our responsibility and top priority.

Our strategy for safe workplaces:

  • Self-commitment to safety as part of the corporate culture
    All VTU companies have effective organizations for employee protection with well-trained personnel for all safety-relevant positions. In our customer projects, workplace evaluations and risk assessments are part of our project management. Customer-specific safety requirements are evaluated in consultation with our customers and all project participants are trained.

  • Identifying and understanding hazards and risks, raising safety awareness
    A provable instruction is not sufficient for us. We continuously address safety at work in our internal communications in order to raise awareness among all employees of possible risks and safety-enhancing behaviour. Dangerous situations and near-accidents are reported and evaluated and the information made available to all employees.

  • Effective risk management & lessons learned to prevent accidents
    Safety-relevant incidents are immediately investigated and causes analyzed.


Our branches, which work for customers in the chemical industry, have an SCC certificate, which confirms the effectiveness of our SHE system.


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VTU Group: Matthias Steinbrink is the new CFO


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