Thank you for attending our technical seminar and the official opening of our VTU affiliate in Mechelen, Belgium!

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Feel invited to our 1st technical seminar and office opening celebration

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

VTU Engineering Belgium BV, Blarenberglaan 4, 2800 Mechelen, Belgium


Our new VTU affiliate in Mechelen, Belgium, is fully up and running – reason enough to celebrate with a technical seminar on one of the prevailing topics of our time: AI and Digital Tools in the Pharma Industry. After an informal lunch, interesting keynotes and presentations await you: Our experts will focus on the various aspects of Artificial Intelligence, Digital Tools and Machine Learning before discussing the industry’s challenges in different breakout groups.


We also invite you to join the official opening ceremony – enjoy our networking dinner with colleagues and friends from the industry and beyond.


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13:30 - 14:10



Data as an Asset: What does it mean to you? 

Christos Varsakelis, Associate Director Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Janssen


Christos Varsakelis is Associate Director of In Silico Drug Discovery in the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies focusing on the acceleration of drug discovery & development timelines via advanced AI/ML methods. Prior joining Janssen, Christos was a Senior Manager of Global Analytics & Innovation in GSK Vaccines focusing on in silico process development. Besides working in the pharmaceutical industry, Christos has an accumulated professional experience that spans across Geoconsulting, the stock market and the chemical industry. Christos is in hold of a Ph.D. in fluid mechanics in UCLouvain in Belgium. He is also in hold of a B.A. in Mathematics from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece and an M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics from the ETH Zurich, Switzerland. His moto is innovation = cash.

14:10 - 14:50



How Dynamic Vision will Revolutionise the Pharma Industry

Jonathan Berte, Founder & Chairman of the Board, Robovision


Dynamic vision AI is poised to revolutionise the pharmaceutical industry. Discover how this cutting-edge technology will drastically improve the quality control process in high-throughput production, as well as how it automates laboratory operations and drug discovery. By doing this it helps to reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve product quality. Classic vision systems used to perform quality control with high numbers of products discarded whilst being completely perfect. A Deep Learning approach will reach way more accurate results, not only further assuring the highest possible quality, but in the same time reducing the false positives. 


Implementing new technologies can be challenging, especially when it comes to integrating them into established systems and processes. Validating AI-powered processes, in order to be compliant with GMP regulations, so far seemed impossible. However, now that the FDA publishes guidelines allowing the use of AI the only way forward is implementing it. Dynamic AI will then allow way easier validation of all future versions.  


Jonathan Berte is the mastermind and the main driving force behind Robovision. With a background in applied physics and specialised in image processing, he built a strong reputation for developing custom solutions for machine vision and robotics. Robovision is what it is today in large part thanks to Jonathan’s philosophy of building applications the “hard way.” As a founder, he is continuously looking beyond the short-term horizon and monitoring early-stage ideas in our market.

15:10 - 15:50



AI in Reality - Applied AI in Life Sciences Projects

Wolfgang Köck, Head of Industrial Data Solutions, VTU

Stefan Pauli, Senior Data Scientist, VTU


Wolfgang Köck is the driving force behind Industrial Digitalization Projects for customers in VTU. With a background in Programming, Information Technology and specialised in Data Analytics, he built a strong reputation for developing ideas and bringing them to life. With 20 years of experience in the environment he had profound knowledge of technologies, market quirks and customer-needs (e.g. Gxp/Pharma). Leading the Industrial Data Solution department he is responsible for developing the area of Manufacturing process optimization-, data management and digital twins-services. 


Stefan Pauli did his PhD related to computer science and mathematics at ETH Zürich. He gained additional experience in digitalization and algorithm development in several industrial companies and startup’s. Today he is a Senior Data Scientist at VTU Engineering, where he implements data analysis projects mainly in the chemical and pharmaceutical production, according to the motto: start small and grow with the success.

15:50 - 16:50



Why don’t we use AI yet?

Artificial Intelligence is powering many actions in almost every industrial domain where it is already solving extremely complex problems. But why don’t we freely use it in our daily business? In this break out session, we would like to discuss the possibilities and perspectives of AI and how to use them for our own advantages.


Andreas Schumacher, CDO, VTU

Jonathan Berte, Founder & Chairman of the Board, Robovision


AI applied in Pharma: Also necessary for you?

Artificial Intelligence is shaping the future of  Life Sciences and chemistry. Once applied, it delivers data driven insights, high optimisation and completely new business potentials. In this breakout session, we will discuss the opportunities, possibilities and hurdles AI offers to our industry today. 


Wolfgang Köck, Head of Industrial Data Solutions, VTU

Stefan Pauli, Senior Data Scientist, VTU


Official Opening Ceremony VTU Belgium Office - followed by a Walking Dinner

Joris Buffels, Managing Director, VTU Belgium

Wolfram Gstrein, Managing Director, VTU Germany & Belgium

Andreas Sumper, Deputy Head of Mission, Austrian Embassy

Michael Schadenhofer, Commercial Section, Austrian Embassy

Alexander Vandersmissen, Major of Mechelen

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