Statements starker Frauen zum Weltfrauentag

Anlässlich des Weltfrauentages 2022 möchten wir stellvertretend für alle großartigen Frauen in den verschiedenen Abteilungen unseres Unternehmens, die jeden Tag einen fantastischen Job machen, einige Kolleginnen bei VTU in den Mittelpunkt stellen.


Wir danken unseren Kolleginnen dafür, dass sie ihre Gedanken teilen und andere Frauen ermutigen, ihren beruflichen Weg zu gehen.

Grazia Desantis Head of Sales Italy

As a mother, wife and Head of Sales Italy, things are not always easy, but they are possible. The world is full of strong and resilient women who need to believe in themselves. Take your place at the table and do it your way.

Paulina Berent Senior HR Manager

Engineering and automation are the industries of the future. VTU's goal is to make women a part of it.

Tina Harrer Controller

The exciting thing for me as a controller is that you are constantly confronted with new tasks and challenges and work together with many different colleagues - this helps me develop professionally as well as personally.

Greta Erra Process Engineer

To the young women who are still defining their careers: don’t fear difficulties and don’t surrender to mediocrity, just follow your passion and interests! “The women who changed the world didn’t need to show anything but their intelligence.” - R. L. Montalcini

Céline Jacob Accountant / Payroll Accountant

In my opinion we should look for career that mirrors our strengths – it’s the only way to be successful in a long run.

Susina Vielkind Senior MS&T Engineer

As a child, I wanted to become a deep-sea diver. This curiosity about the undiscovered has remained until today, is driving me forward and is a source for my job-related motivation.

Anita Leben Payroll Accountant

I am very grateful that this is also conveyed at VTU: No matter who you are or where you come from - everyone gets the same chance to create their own miracles.

Rosemarie Essl IT Project Manager

I base my work motto on Henry Ford, who said: “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

Katharina Eibisberger Management Assistant

All progress happens outside the comfort zone. As a legal professional working for a company specializing in automation, all I can say from the "technical side" is: There is no shame in not knowing anything, but there is in not wanting to learn anything. Go for it!

Melanie Moritz Project Accountant

There are many great colleagues behind the numbers in project accounting. That makes this job more diversified and exciting than you might think.

Emily Fröhlich Apprentice Office Management

At VTU, I am taken seriously even as a young person and have a wide range of development and training opportunities.In my apprenticeship, I have the opportunity to get an insight into many different areas.

Veronica Stoica CAD Engineer

Successful people are not just gifted - they work hard, then succeed on purpose.

Angelika Ress Senior GMP Compliance Engineer

I follow a great quote from Henry Ford: “If You Always Do What You've Always Done, You'll Always Get What You've Always Got.”

Stefanie Rechberger Marketing & Communications Manager

Always believe in yourself and your strengths and pursue your goals. Sometimes the path to the goal leads through detours - these challenges make you stronger and richer in experience.

Ulrike Langhammer-Augustin Quality Manager

As a quality manager, I work with colleagues nationally and internationally. In this way, I continue to learn new things in many fields and can ideally use my previous knowledge. As I also like to travel, it's the ideal job.

Irene Bochon Senior Process Engineer

Being a process engineer means dynamism, diversity, variety, further development and taking on responsible tasks. There is a lot of competence in every woman!

Daniela Bierbaumer Sustainabilty Specialist

If you don't know yet exactly where you want your professional journey to take you: Just follow your interests and trust that they will lead you to the right path for sure!

Murisa Ibrahimbegovic Automation Engineer

Be the heroine of your life! If you don‘t fit in with the crowd, perhaps it is because you were meant to lead it.

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