Get a smooth plant handover – OPEX follows CAPEX

With our well-proven processes and tools, the handover from CAPEX to operations including all relevant disciplines is seamless. It reduces defects, inefficiency and costs!



Get a smooth plant handover!

What usually happens after starting up a new plant?

  • New facility has been delivered on time.

  • The risk of not reaching 100% throughput and planned yield is high due to lag phase.

  • Losses in process/technical excellence and GMP Compliance must be recovered later at high cost.

With OPEX follows CAPEX, VTU and ifss offers a well-proven process and tool set to get a smooth project handover. 

A smooth handover from CAPEX to OPS team, based on seamless interfaces and a friction free information flow saves time and money on the long run. The communication between Engineering, OPS and Quality is essential in this process. Therefore clear roles and responsibilities are needed, as well as a transparent decision making process. The better the communication, the better the handover performance. With the measures, continuous production of the facility at planned yield starts faster, and reduces of total cost of ownership.


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