From site equipment through to the acceptance of supplier services, the implementation of anything coming under safety, quality or costs on a construction site is planned, coordinated and monitored.


The VTU construction management team organises and coordinates all work on the construction site across all trades up to the acceptance of all services. By regularly and closely coordinating with trades, we can make sure that all works are carried out unimpeded, enabling a quicker process and reducing potentially dangerous situations.

We monitor execution and assembly, track the progress of the trades, and check the quality of the execution. The construction site documents are created using modern digital applications such as electronic site journals, defects documentation and defect tracking.


  • Overall construction management
  • Specialist construction management
  • Quality control
  • Assembly supervision
  • Health and safety coordination (in accordance with construction site regulations)
  • EHS management
  • Deadline planning and monitoring
  • Estimating and tracking costs
  • Defects management

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