Our history

VTU Engineering was founded in 1990 as a one-man engineering firm in Graz and has grown steadily to become an international technology group. Today, more than 1300 employees work on projects all over the world. Our customers include renowned international groups such as Novartis, Evonik and Boehringer Ingelheim. The VTU Group’s 35 locations are spread across Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Romania and Belgium, with the head office in Grambach near Graz.

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Our values

To survive on the market as a healthy and solid company, sustainability is one of our top priorities. We do not only look at sustainability in an ecological sense, but also in an economic and social sense. That’s why we focus on a long-term and collaborative relationship with our customers right from the start. We earn their trust through the highest level of expertise, a fascination with innovations and state-of-the-art technologies, coupled with reliability and maximum flexibility in the way we work together. Our mission is to benefit our customers.

Long-term thinking also determines the development of our company, which has focused on sustainable growth since its foundation. This has enabled us to place VTU on a secure foundation and to always be a reliable partner and employer for our customers and employees. This stable basis also allows us to maintain and deepen our know-how, to drive innovations forward and to continuously develop ourselves at the cutting edge of high-end technology.

The larger a company is, the greater its social and environmental responsibility. We live up to this responsibility in our internal processes as well as in our planning projects, where our colleagues and partners’ safety, health and satisfaction are given top priority alongside the ecological aspect. In achieving our ambitious resource-saving goals, we are guided by the highest standards, such as those set by Ecovadis and GRI with regard to sustainability reporting.

Awards and certifications

At VTU Engineering, topics such as customer focus, sustainability and environmental protection as well as personnel development play a key role. A number of awards and certificates that we have received also speak for this.

VTU as a reliable partner and employer

The VTU Group companies plan and supply state-of-the-art process systems. Our services range from system optimisation to the general planning of large-scale projects.

We are always a reliable partner for our customers and a dependable employer for our employees. This stable basis also allows us to maintain and deepen our know-how, to drive innovations forward and to continuously develop ourselves at the cutting edge of high-end technology.

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The Management of the VTU Group

VTU Top GmbH

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Alexander Asbäck

Managing Director // COO
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Dr. Friedrich Fröschl

Managing Director // CEO
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Matthias Steinbrink

Managing Director // CFO

VTU Subsidiaries

Martin Ableitner

Managing Director VTU Automation

Klaus Steinberger

Managing Director VTU Design Solutions

Thomas Miklautsch

Managing Director VTU Engineering Austria

Franz Jesche

Managing Director VTU Engineering Austria

Dr. Robert Wutti

Managing Director VTU Engineering Austria

Joris Buffels

Managing Director VTU Engineering Belgium
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Wolfram Gstrein

Managing Director VTU Engineering Germany & Belgium

Dr. Thomas Richter

Managing Director VTU Engineering Germany

Rudi Wierer

Managing Director VTU Engineering Italy

Mario Haupt

Managing Director VTU Engineering Switzerland

Robert Dannenmaier

Managing Director ifss
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Dr. Stefan Dannenmaier

Managing Director ifss

Thomas Pirker-Krassnig

Managing Director ifss

Division Management

Herbert Andert

Division Manager Automation & Industrial Digitalisation

Hubert Apfelmaier

Division Manager Germany South
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Bernhard Baldaszti

Department Manager PMO Austria

Bernd Ertl

Division Manager Process Industry Austria
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Josef Gamperl

Division Manager Building Services

Wolfgang Glasl

Division Manager R&D

Birgit Krenn

Division Manager Manufacturing Science & Technology
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Andreas Leichner

Department Manager PMO Germany

Gianluca Pazzaglia

Division Manager Italy

Dr. Konrad Schaefer

Division Manager Operational Experts
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Kurt Urbig

Division Manager Germany North

Thomas Viertel

Managing Director Life Sciences of VTU Top

Martin Wettstein

Division Manager Switzerland

Corporate Services

Adrian Halbwirth

Director IT

Karin Kaltseis

Director Corporate Quality Management

Georg Krisper

Director Corporate Finance

Dr. Daniel Sandholzer

Director Corporate EHS & Sustainability

Dr. Andreas Schumacher

Director Digitalization
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Manuela Wagner

Director Marketing & Communications

Wolfgang Zelle

Director Human Relations