Benefit from our high level of expertise in the fields of engineering, GMP services and digitalisation for your system planning and configuration.

VTU - Engineering Facilities of the Future
VTU - Engineering Facilities of the Future

Our technical knowledge and our project management will accompany you from the scale-up of the laboratory equipment, to the commissioning of the world-scale plant in all areas of the pharmaceutical industry, especially for:

  • Biotechnology productions in upstream and downstream

  • Blood plasma fractioning

  • Intermediate and active ingredient productions (also for highly active substances)

  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), Drug Substance (DS), Drug Products (DP)

  • Aseptic, sterile and non-sterile productions

  • Pharmaceutical products (solids, semi-solids and liquid forms), Fill&Finish

  • Manufacturing of material for clinical studies

  • Research, development and quality control laboratories

  • Productions under cosmetic GMP conditions

  • Utility supplies, HVAC / HKLS, clean rooms, storage areas, technical areas, solvent recovery


Process technology

Microbial fermentation processes, cell culture processes, harvesting technologies, purification processes, buffer and media approach systems, biocontainment BSL 1-4, disposable technologies, formulation and bottling techniques, storage and cryotechnologies, blood plasma fractioning


Process infrastructure

CIP-/SIP systems, process gas supply, process media technology, clean media systems (WFI, PW, AP), organic waste water deactivation systems, waste water treatment systems, exhaust gas treatment, pipeline technology, single use technology (disposable)


Laboratory equipment technology under cGLP with integrated LIMS


Logistics under cGMP conditions

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