Over the course of a technical project, commissioning or process optimisation, there are a whole range of issues relating to the operation of a system in addition to the actual engineering and qualification tasks: topics such as capacity planning, facility development and business optimisation through to relocation and decommissioning.


Our experts have experience from a wide range of areas in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, including the management of large production companies. That’s why, in addition to strategy development, our expertise also includes the development of production-related concepts and their successful implementation.
This makes it possible to discuss and assess options and variants with regard to their feasibility in the early phases, and enables accompanying measures in organisational and structural terms during the technical project, as well as the rapid commissioning and increase in industrial production, and the optimisation of processes afterwards.

Topics that often require detailed consideration for successful implementation in the production environment include:

Master plan development

  • Strategic development and further development of production facilities

Standard elevation in GMP production

  • Upgrading a system to meet higher-quality production requirements

Investment scenarios

  • Comparison of various investment options and working out foundations for making decisions

Resource planning

  • Deployment of human and technical resources for achieving goals and optimising operations

Production organisation

  • Adaptation of operational business to new requirements for optimal usage that saves as on as many resources as possible

Integration or divestment

  • Accompanying change management for organisational changes, e.g. mergers & acquisitions (M&A), outsourcing, relocation of production

VTU will provide interdisciplinary support for these important issues, with strong practical relevance a technical background in engineering. 

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