Article on cell and gene therapies

28. February 2024

Cell and gene therapies (CGT), also known as “Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products” (ATMP), address diseases by directly repairing genetic defects within the body or introducing tissues or cells with new functions.


These innovative therapies can correct or cure a wide range of conditions. The development and manufacture of these medicines are complex and novel, and they have only recently started gaining traction in the commercial sphere over the past decade. What sets them apart is their remarkable potential to offer permanent cures rather than temporary symptom reduction.


Get an overview in the latest article by VTU experts Cornelia Haas and Birgit Krenn, which appeared in the magazine “botenstoff” of the Styrian Human Technology Cluster (February 2024 issue, Precision Medicine special edition).


Find the article here (in English)


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