greenSPEED™ – the fast track to more sustainability

International technology and engineering service provider for the process industry VTU developed a comprehensive efficiency improvement package for customers.


In contrast to conventional optimization initiatives for production efficiency, this package contains fundamental data processing and analytics combined with green engineering methods. The new greenSPEED™ efficiency improvement package enables customers to reduce their ecological footprint significantly towards net-zero.

To meet their challenging climate targets, every industry is requested to find innovative ways to decrease their ecological footprint. Reduced CO2 emission has become part of the production industry’s daily business, already influencing their overall business success. New regulations and restrictions are frequently launched, which further increases the demand for innovative solutions.

The greenSPEED™ efficiency improvement package from VTU is designed to support customers on their journey towards net-zero in a very structured, fast and efficient way. It offers everything needed for the analysis and optimization of individual processes and entire facilities:


  • Proven big data processing and analytics methods
  • Sound engineering competence
  • State-of-the-art technology knowledge
  • Comprehensive process know-how
  • Innovative solution design


Energy management based on intelligent data collection and analysis allows companies to quickly identify “hidden” efficiency improvements. In addition, the green engineering method increases energy and material efficiency as well as CO2 neutrality. VTU’s project management supports customers to implement all measures quickly.


The greenSPEED™ efficiency improvement package covers all steps from analysis to the selection of measures and their implementation. Also included are a summary and improvement reporting in the Green Engineering Report.

greenSPEED™ – efficiency improvement package

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© VTU Group - Published on 29. March 2023