Realization of projects with green hydrogen

25. November 2021

Establishing hydrogen projects involves not only the innovative core technologies but also many conditions that are common in conventional industrial projects: Tank farm, energy supply, steel construction, automation, approval procedures, plant safety, etc.

For more than 30 years now, VTU Engineering has been supporting industrial companies in implementing new technologies and innovations with technical and economic success. From the idea to the large-scale plant, projects are implemented in the areas of sustainability, recycling management and environmental protection, also specifically on the subject of hydrogen.


As a technology-neutral engineering partner, we search for and find optimal state-of-the-art solutions for you. If the market does not offer satisfying standard processes, VTU has the know-how to close this gap. 


Benefit from the combination of sustainable innovation and industrial experience!

Sustainable Transformation

Sustainability is part of VTU’s founding idea: Processes, technology, environment – creating technologies for a better environment through process know-how.


Through competent analysis, experience in proven methods, process know-how and the development of new technologies, but also the clever application of digitalisation, projects are implemented that significantly improve the sustainability balance of industrial companies.


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