Renaming: metior becomes VTU Automation

29. August 2022

VTU Group renames its 100% subsidiary metior into VTU Automation effective September 2022. Simultaneously, the automation specialist will move from Graz to the VTU headquarter in Grambach.

The VTU Group is an international technology and industrial service provider for the life science and chemical industries. VTU plans, implements and optimizes production processes up to complete plants. Modern, digitalized and sustainable plant and building concepts are an integral part of the range of services. After the VTU Group acquired one hundred percent of the shares in metior in June 2020, the company, which specializes in EI&C planning and automation, will be renamed VTU Automation as of September.


Friedrich Fröschl, CEO at VTU Group

"For more than two years, our customers have benefited from the additional know-how and manpower that we have had in the area of plant digitalization since the takeover. metior is now an integral part of the VTU group of companies, so the name change to VTU Automation is the next logical step."

metior/ VTU Automation will move from Graz to the nearby headquarters in Grambach, where the Industrial Data Solutions business unit is also located, at the end of September. With the move, the VTU Group is bundling its competencies for implementing the digitalization strategy at its head office. The Group can thus support all automation tasks from its headquarter in Grambach.



metior Industrieanlagen Planungs- und Beratungs-Gesellschaft m.b.H. was founded in 1985 and is an established partner in the field of automation and EMSR. The company focuses on the planning and construction of electrotechnical and I&C equipment through to process-integrated IT solutions that are required for the process control of production plants. This makes it possible to implement integrated business processes and ensure the economic efficiency of modern, flexible production plants.

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Managing Director VTU Automation

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