Sustainability Report 2022 wins Fox Finance and Fox Visuals Awards

We are excited to announce that the VTU Sustainability Report 2022 was honored with the Fox Finance Award in gold and the Fox Visuals Award in silver.


Since 2015, the Fox Finance Awards have honored efficient corporate reporting solutions in print and digital. The awarded corporate reports are characterized by reduced complexity, sharpened focus on what is relevant, ultimately creating trust and thus promoting the development of the company.


VTU’s Sustainability Report 2022 which was published last year, scored in two categories: Companies awarded with the Fox Finance Award in gold demonstrate above-average efficiency performance in all criteria and can therefore be regarded as inspiring role models in their category.

The Fox Visuals Award in silver assesses design efficiency. The award winners are determined on the basis of around 50 evaluation criteria for assessing layout, use of typography and visual language.


According to the jury’s assessment, “the CSR report of the Austrian company VTU impressively demonstrates how medium-sized companies are also ‘digging’ into the topic of sustainability. The company has gradually expanded its understanding of sustainability in recent years - and the report bears witness to this. VTU and the agency involved rely on many graphic solutions and a clear layout in the style of the corporate design to make the company's efforts towards sustainable business transparent. The compact size demonstrates VTU's desire to make this report accessible to the general public.
The numerous contributions and opinions from employees stand out particularly positively - this signals credibility in the endeavour to be an employee-friendly company. In addition, VTU's business partners also get a chance to speak - which is also not self-evident.”


Congratulations to everyone who contributed to this successful and now award-winning Sustainability Report 2022!

© VTU Group - Published on 13. March 2024