The corporate culture is extremely important

13. January 2022

Birgit Krenn, Head of Manufacturing Science and Technology, talkes about her training, tasks and the role of gender stereotypes in professional life.

Birgit Krenn has been working for VTU since 2007 and was instrumental in establishing the MS&T division. In 2015, the biotech expert assumed the position of Group Manager and began to establish MS&T teams across the countries in the DACH region. Today, almost 40 employees work in this division, which has seen above-average growth since 2020, particularly as a result of the intensive support provided to the key producers of COVID-19 vaccines in the expansion of their production facilities.


As Division Manager, Krenn will be responsible for further development of the MS&T portfolio as well as opening up new markets and will drive the further development of specialist teams in all VTU country subsidiaries.



In the interview with the renowned specialist magazine, Birgit Krenn talks about her journey to become Business Division Manager, the development of the MS&T division and gender stereotypes in professional life.


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