PharmaZell GmbH is a supplier of high quality active ingredients and intermediates which are produced as standard products as well as for special client requirements.

The company was founded as Management-Buy-Out of Noveon Pharma GmbH and employs 250 persons on its sites in Raubling in Bavaria and Chennai in India.
The aimed enlargement of production capacities was prompted PharmaZell to search for an engineering partner. Convinced by expertise, knowhow and sustainable process quality, Dr. Oliver Bolzern, chief executive of PharmaZell, chose VTU Engineering GmbH ahead of a number of well known competitors. After the evaluation of PharmaZell’s existing production enlargement concept in 2006, the decision of building a new plant was taken. Each, China and India have been considered as new plant site. After a rough cost estimation and a substantial site rating, India was defined as favoured nominee. Although The last decision has been postponed due to the need for clarification of legal and regulatory circumstances.


In an effort to keep the schedule on time, the basic engineering was started immediately. This contained the draft of the plant design on PID basis such as the GMP-concept. In this phase the design of a site independent plant was pushed forward whereas site specific components were scheduled on a later date. The smooth advancing design phase has been an achievement of the personal commitment and the exceptional engagement of the VTU project team. As PharmaZell’s employees have not been available at the time of the design phase, required Knowhow and knowledge has been gained during a short briefing by VTU’s specialists. At the end of 2006, the site decision in India has been clarified regarding all legal and site relating issues, so the cost structure and the design status could be adapted and all basic design documentation could be translated. 


Adherence to delivery dates and strict time management according to the project structure plan have always been VTU Engineering’s sustainable factors of success, ultimately resulting in advantages for our clients. To meet these claims in case of PharmaZell, an Indian turnkey engineering partner, who could cover all professions needed to erect a fully automatic process plant, was already selected parallel to the basic engineering. Additionally, the site decision India required a project scope expansion regarding the need for infrastructure at a new factory premises. In Chennai both the design status and project management relevant documents such as project structure plan, schedule, organisation chart and interface lists have been discusses with the Indian turnkey engineer. VTU’s excellent team abilities and forthcoming, communicative proceeding generated a smooth conversation and a positive atmosphere. As effective knowledge management and know how transfer from Germany to India is one of the substantial factors for success for PharmaZell’s undertaking, VTU is also going to contribute support for the future project.